Hi! My name is Laura Kearney. I am a licensed Esthetician and have been a professional in the skincare industry with over 10 years of experience.


I own and operate skinsanity in Denver and have been featured in Women's World, and featured as an expert in both local and national online publications including Laserandy.net and VoyageDenver.

I specialize in creating a warm, relaxing and fun experience for anyone looking for solutions to their skincare needs.

This means maintaining a positive, healthy environment while also explaining all of the hard facts and science behind today’s most advanced skincare products and services.  

I’m always trying out the most cutting-edge products and procedures myself, sifting through the ones that work, the ones that don't, and the ones that are straight-up to be avoided at all costs.


My passion is sharing this information with everyone out there who is looking for real, reliable skincare solutions.   

Our skin is the biggest organ we have - treat it well as you would any other organ in your body, and you will feel and look great!

"To be alive at all is to have scars"

-John Steinbeck

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